Car Washing Perth – The Plan of Attack

Don’t take it literally, because you’re not going to want to attack you car. But depending on what you plan to do, or what has been done historically to the car will decide upon the approach you will wish to take when it comes to washing your car. If you plan to detail your car (i.e. paint correction by polishing) then there is no reason not to take the care-free approach. However, if your car has an impeccable finish or has already been detailed, then you will want to take the cautious approach.


The Care-Free Car Wash Method before Detailing


Before a detailing session the aim is to get the car as clean as possible. Since you are planning a full detail, any bit of dirt will throw a spanner into the works on the following steps after washing your car. And because you are planning on polishing the car, it doesn’t matter if you instill minor defects as they will be corrected. As long as the trade-off by washing the car using the care-free approach will get the car speckless and ensure that no dirt gets into the following stages of claying and polishing.


The Cautious Car Wash Method After Detailing


As your car is in a faultless condition, your aim here is to maintain that finish without inflicting any defects such as scratches and swirls into the paint. Extra care and caution needs to be taken and only the highest quality, soft and gentle products must be used when washing your car.


A Brief Look at Car Paint Technology


Cars have been around now for over a century and the paint technology used has evolved and improved through the period. As cars began to become an everyday part of life, automobile paint manufacturers came into existence. Automotive paint manufacturers tended to the specific needs of car paint to protect the car body and to also make the car look pleasing to the eye. Up until the 1980′s, most cars used paint known as single stage paint.

Single Stage Paint

Single stage paint is basically when the top most layer is the actual coloured paint as opposed to the modern basecost / clearcoat system. Single stage paint tends to be softer than the modern clearcoat paint system and was mainly phased out during the 1980′s.

Modern Basecoat / Clearcoat

Due to environmental factors caused by single stage paint, car paint manufacturers switched to the basecoat / clearcoat system. With the basecoat / clearcoat system there is an extra layer on top of the coloured paint that is in essence a layer of clear see-through type paint. This layer is a thin, hard layer which protects the coloured paint below and also adds gloss and shine. However, this clear layer of paint is not immune to the environmental forces and can and will deteriorate. The most common complaint for the clearcoat system is swirls and scratches as opposed to single stage paint that tends to suffer from oxidation. To this end, car paint still needs to be maintained and looked after. It needs to be washed, clayed, polished and protected on a regular basis for that like-new appearance.


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