Win A Free Car Wash For Your Filthy Ride Around Perth




Do you have the dirtiest car around?


You are super busy with your family and work and don’t have time to look after your vehicle.


Don’t worry. You are not the only one and we are here to help you to offer free car wash as we will be having our “Super Spring Blast” November 1 – 15 to show our customers our appreciation at our Malaga location!


With a range of cars getting washed and detailed every day at our workshop at Malaga and through our mobile detailing, we can say we’ve seen our fair share of dirty cars. Now we want to see yours! Tell all of your friends about this exciting offer!! Don’t miss out on this great Car Wash!!


Send us a picture of your dirty car on our Facebook Page and like our page, I will pick the dirtiest car every day to win a FREE car wash from ULTIMATE Car Detailing Malaga.
The rules are easy:

Snap a picture of your dirty car
Post it on Facebook
Like our page and Tag Ultimate Car Detailing or use the #ultimatecardetailing hashtag
That’s it, you’re in!


That way you won’t have to suffer the heat to make that grimy hooptie sparkle like new. Make sure each picture contains a time-stamp so I know that the picture is of your car in its current condition.



November 1-15, 2016: Submit your pictures
November 25, 2016: Winner is announced!


Official Rules

We will accept only 1 submission per person
Participants must be atleast 18 years old
Participants must be Perth Metro residents
Participants agree for their picture to be used on Ultimate car detailing’s social media profiles


Just know that your picture will be shared with the world once I announce the winner. We’d appreciate an after picture once you get your car washed at Ultimate Car Detailing, just so we know that you’ve become a better person with a cleaner car, all thanks to Ultimate Care Detailing.


Most importantly, if you post a photo of your free car wash experience with the hashtag #ultimatecardetailing on Twitter or Instagram, you could win FREE Car wash.


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